Isabelle's Skies

by iamjac



Some stories last minutes, some stories last hours, some stories last years. This is one of all of those. This is the ballad of Isabelle's Skies.

Recorded August 18, 2016 at Headwaters Studios.



"Isabelle's Skies" (key of A)

Isabelle, the perfect storm
Loved the rain, it kept her warm
Logan then, lonely to no end
In this storm, he found a friend
Down the road, across the street
These new friends, would always meet
Every day, they at least waved goodbye
And if the storm rained, together they'd cry

Close your eyes, we'll count to ten
There's clear blue skies, so let's play pretend
Me and you, no nothing ends
As long as this sky is blue, we're best friends
Isabelle, and Logan knew
Their secrets "tell, no one" but you
They grew up, together and
Underneath that blue sky, he first held her hand

I'm scared half to hell
If you went dark, I'd miss you, you've treated me so well
Trust what I say now,
We've gotta stay together, we'll find a way somehow."

Now Isabelle, her point of view
Changed with time, like clouds - to you
She grew darker, and in her defense
Sunlight came, at her expense
Logan did, he tried his hardest
To paint a mental picture, explain her like an artist
All these clouds, they have a silver lining
But that's what makes, their darkness so defining

I'd walk with you through hell
If you went dark, I'd miss you
I swear I'll treat you well
Trust what I say now,
We've gotta stay together, we'll find a way somehow."

No she didn't need him, but every day
He tried to give her back some colour, as her sky turned grey
Not to rain on your parade, but it seems when Isabelle was made
Someone left out a part of two, whatever made those skies stay blue
So her condition, was terminal it seems
But Isabelle she stayed calm, while all around her screams
She told everyone, she was "needed for bigger things"
And they "could wash away in the rain, all life's endless stings"

But as she got older, the weather got colder
She kept it warm with her, summer storm
We're just kids Logan told her to "hold on", he would hold her
Every minute of the way, to make sure she'd be okay...

I know you're scared as hell
But you're not going there cause, you treated life well
I wish you'll see blue skies, please don't close those damp eyes
I want an end where no one cries, and there's no more dark clouds...
In Isabelle's skies"

I miss you like hell
It's been years, and there's still tears
But the storm says you're doing well."


released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


iamjac Toronto, Ontario

A writer of songs about life, death, love and most of the in-between.

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